About Nikki

Nikki Abramson_2201 (1)Hi! Aun-yo-ha-say-yo! (that is “Hi” in Korean) I’m Nikki Abramson. My mission in life is to inspire others on their life journey whether it is through teaching, performing, mentoring, speaking, leading, or writing. I lead people towards hope and success on their life journey. We all have a journey and a story. I feel lead to empower others to find theirs!

My life experience is wide and varied, in which, many people are able to relate to me through being an international inter-racial Korean adoptee, as well as battling serious rare medical conditions. We all go through challenges, but it is how we look at them and use them. It is about overcoming and dealing with them. I take my teaching skills and background as well as my creative arts side to create and teach people to live fulfilling lives.

Nikki Abramson_2273I love school and learning, thus graduating from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN) in elementary education and early childhood education. I went on to get a computer, technology, and keyboarding licensure as part of the graduate school through Bethel. In deciding to start a company, I have taken undergraduate business marketing, and sales classes through Dakota Community Technical College. I am working towards my masters in K12 Education from Bethel University. I enjoy teaching and taking theatre arts classes especially improv. My passions are varied; which is why I have my “hats” and have my hand in lots of organizations which I am proud of. In my passion for the arts, I enjoy creating art which involves performance, speaking, acting, dancing, singing, and writing.

I love helping others find their sense of purpose, identity, hope, and gratitude for their life. I try to encourage people in their life journey. I am an advocate and mentor others to make positive change in their lives. I desire to help others live in the present. My ultimate goal is to teach people to be leaders, learners, thinkers, and life-changers. I am so passionate about people and seeing what makes them “tick” and what is at the heartbeat of their life. I can’t wait to get to know you.

A few things I love:

  • God
  • My family and friends
  • Caribou Coffee (basically live there)
  • Disney World (been there for 20 plus trips in my life)
  • Theatre (MN has so much great theatre)
  • The color BLUE (almost everything I own is blue)
  • Tex-Mex food (enchiladas, burritos, tacos)
  • Board and card games
  • Books on education and leadership
  • Photography
  • Bettering myself with various personality and strengths based assessments in learning how I best lead and operate from them
  • Kids! This is why my whole career has been mostly based upon is working with kids.

Current Employment:

Upstream Arts http://www.upstreamarts.org/our-artists/
Bloomington Civic Theatre
Sylvan Learning Center

I operate out of the strengths finder: strategic, activator, achiever, communication, and woo. Insights motivating director as well as Myer’s Brigg’s ENTJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

That’s enough about me… tell me about you in the contact page. I’d love to hear from you or better yet set up a time for a free 30 minute photo consultation.

Stay Hopeful,