About the Blog

Welcome Blog Readers!

Grab some coffee and sit for a while. Read, write, sing, dance, and live along with the greatness of life. In this blog there are a few things I will discuss: upcoming projects, news, performances as well as an overcoming and inspiration. We are all overcoming something, so learn more about my journey of overcoming and how you can too overcome.

The theme of my life is OVERCOMING challenges! I have had to overcome so many hurdles, struggles, hardships, and challenges, yet I stand here overcoming those all. I stand here to encourage and inspire YOU! While there are days where I don’t have the strength or stamina to overcome, or I simply want to give in, I know the greater purpose. It is a journey that we are on together. I am inspired to sing, dance, speak, write, and mostly inspired to “be.” My hope is that my story of overcoming, may touch you in one way that you empower you on your life journey.
Be filled, be blessed, with love!

Always stay hopeful,