Through field work operations to delegate duties, Nikki has been actively involved in the DFL since 2006. Teaching and health care were the two factors that ignited that passion by being a voice for our candidates and the issues she has cared most for.

Her leadership started at Bethel University where she became Bethel’s college democrats Vice President for a year and President for a year. As part of the leadership team she brought Rep. Kate Knuth, Betty McCollum, and Thomasin Franken (MN US Senator Al Franken’s daughter). She also led, organized, and moderated the college democrats and college republicans debate on campus.

In 2008, Nikki was elected as the DFL congressional district (CD) 3 and senate district (SD) 49 director where she served for five years. As director, she worked with events and calendar team planning and marketing events for CD 3. Nikki was the leader of the events committee, made website updates, and created the first ever CD 3 Facebook Page. She is most proud of coordinating volunteers for the Edina 4th of July Parade and Facebook Page.

In 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 Nikki has been a delegate to the CD 3 and state conventions for MN. In 2010, she had the pleasure of being a MN DFL state delegate to endorse Senator Al Franken. She has been involved in the MYDFL (young adults), Asian American, disabilities, and MN education caucuses.

Her volunteer experience ranges from phone banking, to house parties to support for the following groups and candidates:

Terri Bonoff
Hilary Clinton
Howard Dean
Al Franken
Maureen Hackett
Amy Klobuchar
Kate Knuth
Ashwin Madia
Jim Meffert
Steve Kelly
Barack Obama
Sharon Sund

Nikki has been a field campaign assistant to Terri Bonoff and Maureen Hackett’s campaigns in 2008 and 2010 for CD 3. Nikki was Deputy Field Director twice for Sharon Sund’s campaign in 2012 and 2014. In her field work, she managed and took charge for the all conventions, floor planning, and delegate relations which included phone calling, planning and strategizing for every convention, and prepping her candidate to be the best.