Renew Hope Coaching/Mentoring:

In 2004, as a senior in high school, a good friend and mentor of Nikki asked her what she wanted to do in life. Nikki replied to this inquiry by saying she would like to have coffee with people and pour life positivity into them. She is thrilled that she now has the opportunity to do this professionally today.

If you enjoy listening to Renew Hope’s motivational speaking and coaching engagements and want to learn more about how to renew your hope and life, then our coaching will be perfect for you. Maybe you just need someone to talk with and share your life story with… or maybe you want to empower someone else, but don’t know how. There are many reasons for experiencing the joys and benefits of life coaching.

What exactly is life coaching, though? Nikki will meet with you either in person, on the phone or via the internet. From your first encounter, you and Nikki will evaluate your situation and establish goals together towards achieving life empowerment. You will work together on fulfilling those goals. Nikki will be inspiring, motivating, and encouraging in this process of achievement.

Topics for Coaching:
-Academic Support
-Organization and Time Management
-Living with Medical Challenges
-The Power of Your Story

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Whether you are in middle school and just need someone to talk with, or you are an adopted parent and are needing help with your child or your a person with a disability, Renew Hope wants to help you! Our coaching and motivation services are perfect for folks of all ages. Children and adults alike can benefit from our Minneapolis based hope mentoring services and resources.

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