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What are the benefits from hiring Renew Hope?

-Inspiring, motivating, empowering, and equipping people to grow
-Establishing a lasting positive impact for life
-Increased levels hope and skills development confidence
-Creation of a strong and clear definition of self-including your talents, strengths, and wiring
-Theatrical and Teaching points driven

What are the tangible results of Renew Hope?

-Renewed hope and confidence in self
-Develop inspiration with a team or individual
-Reflection of self and goals

How does Nikki relate to her audience?

-Generating connections to her own life experiences with others
-Providing an interactive workable motivational model
-Using effective teaching strategies and skills
-Hands-on approach with lots of interaction including “homework”
-Creating reflection time to review one’s own life

How much time is generally desired for a speaking engagement?

This can be flexible, Nikki prefers at least 45 minutes-90 minutes pending on what is needed. She can be a keynote speaker to an all-day presenter focusing on your needs.

How much do Nikki's speaking sessions cost?

Renew Hope does not want to turn you away because of financial situations. We will work with you to make this work, however, speaking is Renew Hope’s “bread and butter.” Please contact us directly using our contact page for more information.

What are the benefits for hiring Renew Hope for Life Coaching?

-Inspiring, motivating, empowering, and equipping people to grow
-Increased levels of hope and confidence
-More personalized services than what we can offer in speaking engagements

What are the results of Renew Hope's Coaching?

-A peak in life motivation and encouragement and feeling of empowerment
-Having someone that can relate and walk with you
-A supportive and friendly listening ear
-Advanced capabilities for reflection of self and goals
-Better understanding of self through goal setting and asking questions
-Tools for living HOPE

What does coaching or mentoring look like?

My coaching is based upon each person’s specific needs. Everyone is different. Together we will create our goals for you in how we would like to proceed next. We will take time to discuss and evaluate our goals together doing both inner and outer work.

How many times do you meet with your clients?

This will all depend on your needs and availability. Each person is different and I don’t like to cookie cutter my services per person. Typically I would meet with people once a week. This is all pending on their needs. I am available for you and serving your needs. I can’t wait to travel with you.

Where do we meet?

This is negotiable. We can either meet in person at my office, a local Caribou, phone, or online (via google handout/skype).

How much time is general desired for a coaching session?

Coaching and mentoring sessions typically are one hour in length. I am flexible and desire to work with you.

How much does Nikki's Coaching services cost?

Renew Hope does not want to turn away customers because of your financial situation. We will work with you to help you with your needs. Typically our hourly rate is $60 an hour. Think of it as getting a massage for yourself. Travel with me. Your improvement and achievement towards success and achieving your goals is our top priority.