My Story

Nikki Abramson_2526I was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted into the USA as an infant.

At the age of 5, doctors told me that I was going to die in my early teen years because of the research they had done with people that were born with my condition.

I was diagnosed with a muscle condition called mitochondria myopathy that affects all the muscles in my body (see more here).

Because of this condition, it made school tough.

I had endured a lot medically all throughout my years through various health issues.

With all these challenges it would have been easy to lose hope…

In August 2010, I was in a car accident. The car accident left me bedridden for a total of seven months. I now suffer a condition called dystonia (see more here) that causes uncontrollable muscle spasms.

I have gone through a lot. Lost many dreams. Defeated the odds. However, I am overcoming it. Life is a journey. We are not “there” yet. I haven’t overcome anything. Some of the stuff, I deal with are ongoing, daily battles… we all have them, but it is how you look at them that will help you to succeed.