My goal is to help you achieve your goals to be the best person you can be. I provide many services to people. Here are just a few that may apply to you. If you have any questions or feel my services will be beneficial to you, please let me know and I would be happy to be of service to you.

Teaching and Academic Tutoring, Study Skills, Organizational Coach
Do you need help with homework? Study skills? Organization? Have gaps in your learning? Want to learn something new? Struggling with basic math facts or how to write a paper? I can help. My areas of expertise lie in the areas of teaching, study skills, and organization that will help you to soar. I don’t give answers; I help students learn to think critically, become a lifelong learner and develop higher level thinking. I encourage students to prepare for the next chapter in life. I am skilled at teaching to your needs and at your level. I would love to help boost your confidence as you grow.

Event and Graduation Party Planner
Do you have a party or huge event coming up? Lost in where to begin? Are you planning a fundraiser? Graduation, wedding, baby shower? I am your person. I have been planning events for years throughout school, my community, and beyond. I am excited to travel with you on this exciting event

Theatre Coaching and Theatre Classes/Workshops
While I have taught in many theatre situations, I help students learn lines, blocking, dances, songs, and character development If you want to develop your strength in the world of theatre whether it is an audition or theatrical elements, let me know. I would love to be your support in this area. This will help build your team and self-confidence.

Papers, Resumes, Career Path, and Job Search
Have a paper needing editing? Writing a paper for class and unable to find the right words? Are you looking for a job and needing to help market your credentials? Have to create a resume (working or theatre)? I can help. Email me and I would love to be your editor. Send me your work and we will press on together.

Compensation of Services
I would love to work with you. The first step is to have an initial conversation as to where we are headed with your goals. After the 1 hour consultation, we will begin to work. The dollar amount is varied pending on services that are provided.