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Nikki Abramson_2201 (1)Nikki Abramson is no stranger to adversity. She has been overcoming significant obstacles ever since she was a young girl. As an international adoptee, “fitting in” to a new culture was challenging. At age five, doctors informed her family that she would likely die by the time she was a teenager from a rare disability. Shortly after college, she was in a debilitating car accident which compromised her planned career.

The author of “I Choose Hope – Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Positivity,” Nikki shares her profound story of inspiration and of choosing to live a fulfilling, joy-filled life despite difficult life circumstances. Through teaching and performing, she shares her story of faith, gratitude, and possibilities in ways that engage and inspire her audiences to find their own courage, empowerment, and passion.

As a teacher and performer, Nikki integrates practical tips about living in the present, gratitude, faith, and positivity into her story. Those who have attended her informative and uplifting presentations say they are struck by her warm, animated demeanor and her ability to quickly engage and captivate her audiences.

Utilizing her proprietary 4-step “H.O.P.E.” formula, Nikki guides her audiences in ways to reframe life challenges, giving them practical, actionable information they can use immediately to live with more hope, meaning, confidence, and purpose.

Leading from one’s strengths, whether hidden or not, is where Nikki engages her live audiences and readers to “choose hope.” Through workshops, seminars, small group discussions, and her book, Nikki teaches how personal challenges can be reinterpreted with new choices.

Nikki Abramson’s motivational and inspiring message consistently leave her audiences with renewed feelings of hope, empowerment, and courage, and a new recognition and appreciation of how beautiful life can be, despite one’s circumstances.

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