We all need hope. Whether we have lost a job or a relationship or our health. We all need hope and it is easy to lose it. Is your group ready to move forward? Renew Hope wants to encourage, inspire, and motivate you towards hope and success. Renew Hope will empower you to be the person you are created to be. Nikki brings positive life energy, enthusiasm, and passion for sharing her hope journey and messages of hope to every speaking engagement she commits to.
Her method? Maslow’s Hierarchy: Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.10.37 PM

We all want to feel loved, capable, and a sense of belonging.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what HOPE means and looks like.
  2. Learn strategies for practicing gratitude.
  3. Gain a greater understanding of your life and purpose.

One aspect that differentiates Nikki’s speaking from others is that she brings a wealth of real life experience to her speaking events. She also uses the acronym “HOPE,” where each letter stands for a significant component that will invigorate and inspire you. From each Renew Hope session, you will come away with a few takeaways that will leave you thinking, engaged, and taking the next step in your own hope for your future. Nikki brings in her own performance and teaching background into her presentations. Renew Hope is engaging and will have people on their feet talking about their own personal life journey. Audiences are encouraged to journal their experiences and take aways.

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Renew Hope offers a variety of motivational help speaking programs from classes, workshops, retreats, conferences, and seminars. If you can think it or dream it, we can provide it. Events can be in public or private settings. Renew Hope’s goal is to inspire, empower and encourage the heart. The stories that are told will speak to encourage the soul. In doing this, you will be sure to get an invaluable program that will capture your mind and heart.

By hiring Renew Hope, our ultimate priority is for you will have a renewed sense of spirit and self. You will walk away with profound knowledge and takeaways that will propel you into a healthy fusion of thought and action.

Renew Hope’s Audiences:

  1. Schools-public to private, elementary to higher education, Nikki serves students of all kinds. Through her passion for teaching and students, Nikki will bring students and teachers a deeper understanding of appreciation of life.
  2. Churches, Youth Group, Women’s Groups, Faith based Groups-Faith is what keeps Nikki going. Nikki brings her faith in all circumstances.
  3. Adoption Agencies, Adoption Groups and Communities-Korean American Adoptee, understands and “gets” what it is to struggle with culture, identity, race, and the unknowns.
  4. Groups that deal with disabilities-Having several rare and challenging conditions, she has learned to deal and advocate for the needs of others.
  5. Medical Care Professionals-Nikki enjoys speaking to those that working in the medical care profession sharing her story of hope and how to help their patients live a more hope filled live by living with intentional interaction.