The Power of Your Story

3.5"x4" Post Card TemplateOur stories have the ability to heal, help, educate and inspire, and it is through the stories of our lives that the most meaningful connections and relationships are formed. Learn to explore, develop, and share your story confidently and memorably, in compelling and powerful ways. Expect to leave with a new sense of confidence, strength, and enthusiasm as you discover and develop the story of your life!

Upcoming Workshops Held:
Workshop led by:

Betty Liedtke, Find Your Buried Treasure, and
Nikki Abramson, author of I Choose Hope

Workshops are held quarterly.
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Betty and Nikki come from different backgrounds and viewpoints. Yet they share many values and interests, including a passion for helping people to improve and empower their lives while discovering and developing their own unique stories. Drawing on Betty’s love of coaching and Nikki’s of teaching, this “odd couple” gently but powerfully help their workshop participants draw out the descriptions and details of their lives that make the most compelling stories.

Nikki Abramson_2232Nikki Abramson is the author of I Choose Hope: Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Positivity. Despite obstacles, she believes in the power of positivity and being thankful for what you have. Nikki combines life experiences, teaching strategies, performance, and encouragement to captivate her audiences and to renew their hope and make positive choices. She teaches acting, tutors all subject areas, serves on the advisory council for, mentor for the Bethel Biz program, a youth leader at church, and a strategist. Her energy is focused on teaching, speaking, performing on adoption and advocacy for those with medical challenges. For more information, check out Nikki’s website at

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.56.29 AMBetty Liedtke is an award-winning newspaper columnist, inspirational speaker, Certified Dream Coach, Founder/CEO of Find Your Buried Treasure, LLC, and is featured in the book, Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom. Her greatest passion is helping people discover and value the gifts, skills, traits and talents they don’t even realize they have. Since October 2011, Betty has made four trips to Uganda, speaking to women, men, and students about believing in and pursuing their dreams and goals, and is helping to build a better life for young women now trapped in a cycle of poverty and prostitution. Betty serves on the board of African Missions Outreach Organization, and is a member of Toastmasters International and eWomenNetwork. Visit her website at